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I did a new portrait - just finished. The subject is Castiel, the character from the tv series Supernatural portrayed by Misha Collins.

Who is Castiel? He is an angel, a soldier of God. But in Supernatural angels are... well, according with all the mythology in Supernatural, angels too are funny and weird beings. They are naive, mostly simple and often neurotic. Some of them are sissy, some are bad, some are real assholes. Castiel is a good one. He is serious in a very funny way. He can't understand some human things. Porn, for example. :D

The character is a regular since season 4th (Supernatural is going to its 13th season), and is really loved by the fans.

Here is my interpretation of Castiel.

These are the steps of the work:

And a detail of the final result. 

The painting is a gouache on paper, cm 50x70.

I think I'll list it for sale on Steemarket ;)


This is beautiful. Great art @paolobeneforti

Thanks for sharing and do stay in touch.

I watch Supernatural from the start, Misha Collins deserves an award for worst perfomance on a 12 seasons show, he never even got close to a good episode hahahah. The painting is amazing Paolo, it's just like him.

WOW !!!!!!!!!! - ))

That is mind boggling GOOD !!! - )))
and, i LOVE .. the post style .. the "build-UP" !! - ))

ThankS so much for the MARKET PLACE !!!
.. can't wait to dig my HEELS ((( in ))) - ))

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Amazing fanart 💛