Imagine you are a old man/woman... Can you? (+artwork)

in #art5 years ago

Have you ever tried to imagine what's in an old man's mind? I mean, sure, everyone knows that he's going to grow old and eventually die. But when you're young, it's impossible to imagine the world seen through the eyes of an old man. And old men mostly know very well that they can't explain it to a young son.

I'm not that old, but I have seen already my body and my expectations changing.

(Ok, I'll continue this another time. Now we have the cryptomarket falling: better not to add more sad stories ;) )

I drew this yesterday:


Beautiful drawing. @paolobeneforti, You are a great painter and an experienced writer who is capable of doing things that are capable of attracting attention

The crypto market as well as your drawing will no doubt continue. One can view age a deterioration or like a bottle of wine that improves with the passing of time. Cheers

I don't know much about age or cryptos, but surely I'll keep drawing ;)

I'd like to see what I would look like at 90 :D
chic - er please :D

I can age a photo of you if you want ;)

am afraid I won't be able to give it enough reward :)
so let's pass on that
am off ..
have a great weekend you two out there!
oh three actually!

Why stop there? We are curious...

I'll continue it soon. In a fun way hopefully. ;)

That's it, keep it light!! I wonder what old age will be like!!

no idea. a lot of laughing, if you ask me :D

Are these your new coloured pencils? Great job- love the energy in your line.

yes, I love them. I haven't used them for years and know I rediscover it as a great medium! :)

Great drawing Paolo, full of expression.

It is nice to see your work when I come on your blog and not have to search. Really loving your pieces.

thx @twirble. I love your art too, as you already know :)

WOW! Awesome sketch!
You have a great talent! ;)

Fantastic post

very good. that type of drawing works very well with speedpainting at @bubblingwells

You created a beautiful photo. amazing art! Regard from Indonesia.

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