I just sold this artwork on SaatchiArt

in art •  3 months ago

Whee! A good start in this September for my Art: 3 artworks sold in the last 7 days!

The last one is this book-sculpture - or Artist Book, we could say - I did around 4 years ago.

SaatchiArt has a particular process to be followed for sold artworks. They deliver the object themselves so the seller has to prepare the package (according to the packaging guidelines), get the documents for the Customs (not so easy for shipping art from Italy) and indicate a date for picking the package up. They are really the broker there.

I don't even know where my artwork is going! ^^

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Bellissimo quel libro d’artista!

Ti capisco e porgo i migliori auguri di pronta risoluzione pratiche burocratiche. 😜

Uno sdoganato abbraccio da @amico! 🤗

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Sounds more upscale than Etsy , cool piece too

Congratulations! Is this the first? If so I hope it is the first of many :-)

Very innovative piece by the way, love it! Is the title of the original book relevant?



thx! not the first, I sold already using both Artfinder and SaatchiArt. No, the title of the book doesn't matter. I just considered the shape.
I think I'll post a video of the making of this kind of artworks on Viewly soon ;)

Thats great work