Daily drawing - 5 more artworks

in art •  2 months ago

Here are my new drawings - some of them. I painted large canvas lately, so my daily drawing time had to wait a bit before starting again, now that I have my time back (I did just a few artworks during the time I wasted after ONO, about 2 months).

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These are all so gorgeous, @paolobeneforti <3 I love them very much. It's like seeing through all the different worlds around us, all at once <3 Beautiful pictures <3 <3 <3

Sono tutti davvero molto particolari.
Il terzo mi piace davvero molto, bella l'idea dei palazzi all'interno della figura.

I love these pieces. I love pattern caught between 2d and 3d if that makes any sense, but I really love it.

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Your works of art are wonderful always make me think that they carry something more within them, as a reflective message of what is actually society what it means and represents in our lives, is what makes me think to see those people passing over the Another is like stepping on their effort