A village seen as a resting giant

in art •  2 years ago 

A subject of my artworks that I will develope again and more: cities, houses, villages as anthropomorphic figures, concretions of lives, conglomerates of stories.


I will put these artworks too on my showcase for selling art for SBD, Steemarket

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Very good art work, thanks for sharing

Hey Paolo! I'm a fan of Silvia's art but now I find out you are great too! Seeing this piece inspired me to post an older one I made about Pisa. Great work man!

thx, I'check that then :)

What a amazing Artwork , really liked it. I respect your work. You are a true artist. Wish you luck and success. Upvoted and followed. Have a Good day.

idea !

Great art, congratulations!

Your art is really fascinating. Antropodomomorph :)

I could use that word! ;)

I like a lot, you have a lot of imagination. I'll follow you because it's quite the style I like. Good job.

I love the thought and creativity behind your art :) :) it's Great !! Kayleigh


You're very welcome :) :)