4 Days more to submit artworks at Steemarket Art Contest 3!

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I postponed the deadline to submit artworks to this contest to Oct 1 Sunday.

There are just 9 artworks submitted so far, so I thought to make another call and give some more time to join.

Of course, the purpose of contests like this is not to make a ranking of artists, or to give away some dollars. Instead, what I tried to do in each of the contests I managed on Steemit (they have been at least 15 so far) is helping artists to know each other, to see the work of other artists, to communicate, to collaborate. I talked about it in the previous post of Steemarket Art Contest. And you can read  a very interesting discussion about that in the comments of that post.


Digression: something unexpected: I have been interviewed about Steem contests by @eroche. You can read it here

 🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆  🙆 

Here are again the rules of the 3rd S.A.C.

 In the past editions, SAC (Steemarket Art Contest) received really amazing submissions from the great community of artists on Steem: here are the artwork of #1 and #2
So, here it how it works:
- All artists on Steemit can submit their artworks from today to Sept 27, Wednesday, Oct 1 Sunday h 11pm GMT.
- Each artist can submit 1 artwork for each of the 3 categories of the Contest
- The categories are

  1. Painting and Drawing (not digital)
  2. Digital Art

To submit an artwork, each artist has to:
- make a post containing "SAC" (Steemarket Art Contest) in the title and#sac in the tag
- publish in the post a photograph of his submitted artwork/s (at least 1000px for the longest side)
- indicate category, title, size, date and technique of the submitted artworks.
- paste the link to his posts in the comments of this post.
Winners and Prizes: The winner of each category will be chosen by my wife @silviabeneforti and me. Winners will receive 10 Steems (or more, it depends on possible sponsors ;) ) and will be published in a promoted post.
Votes and comments to submitted artworks will be considered in choosing the winners
The results will be posted on Oct 3, Tuesday

* Please, share this post to other artists! *  

At Steemfest2 in Lisbon there will be a space for Art. I hope some new project of collaboration will come out of that.

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Thank you for the extra time given. I will submit my entry by today.

[Update] -
Here is my entry:



Here is the link to my entry with details you ask for:


Thank you for running this contest again. Thank you also for the extension.

My entry:

Hello Guys! Just saw this SAC post, the quickest that I could draw and share, here. Please lemme know, if it is worth sharing for the contest!. I look forward to the recommendations, Please!!!. Will be really grateful. If my work is appreciated, possibly then, I can put it up on SAC Contest. Much Love!!! @amitsharma
My drawing.jpg


Awwwww... Thank you so much! @paolobeneforti you upvoted my piece of drawing!!! :) all smiles...really yeah!!!
That was the quickest and simplest I could do at the earliest. Still, thanks a ton for your appreciation with the upvote!
So lemme know, if I can post it on SAC #3 !?
Much Love!!!

A wonderful contest but unfortunately I'm not an artist
i wish ....

great! I will participate!

Greaat idea ! Fortunately I still have a bit of time to submit hahah !

Fabulous! As a sculptor, I will watch with curiousity.


I'm a sculptor too, and a painter too :)