Day 9 - 10 Weeks Drawing Challenge - Game of Thrones Comic version

in art •  2 years ago

Hey Guuuys,

today is Day 9 of my Drawing Challenge. Just couldn't manage to do something privately, but was drawing for work at least!

In the last post I showed you a wip of the piece I am doing while streaming.

It started with the black and white sketch (after reference). I wanted to do my own version of it, like, not too realistic with a little bit of artistic freedom :)
I actually planned on doing a flat rendering but I just couldn't resist to paint paint paint...

So for today just the progress of the wip:.. >The next time I will really really try to make it more graphic, promise..

This was the sketch:

For the ones who are insterested in my steams, you can visit my channel here:

Thats for now.. only 2 mintues left until next day is coming! :)

What did you draw today?

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You are such a talent!


aww thank you :**