Day 6 - 10 Weeks Drawing Challenge - OC Sketches

in art •  last year

Hi Guys,

My name is Palien and currently I am working on an initiative to get out of artblocks and how to grow as an artist.

This is a 10 weeks challenge to see how far I can get by drawing 10 weeks continously. To not intimidate myself, the first few weeks will just be drawing what I want.
It should be fun!
After it becomes a routine I am planning on inventing a schedule to have a kinda structured plan on how to get out of the comfort zone and learn to draw new things effectively.

This piece is from todays twicht stream :)

Hope you like it!
What did you draw today?

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Super schöne Zeichnungen :) Ich werde deine Posts auf jeden Fall weiter verfolgen ;) Der erste erinnert mich ein wenig an Luis de Funes :D


Heey, da habe ich grad mal zu meiner Schande Louis de Funes googlen müssen und du hast total Recht :D Haha! Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Und liebe Grüße nach Deutschland :).


Falls du sie nicht kennst empfehle ich dir seine Filme wärmstens :) Sie sind fantastisch ^^ "Der Sonntagsfahrer" ist sehr lustig. Aber eigentlich sind sie das alle :)

Love it! You are so good at this :)


awww @keepdoodling thank you so mich for resteeming woow -


aww thank you so much! :)

Hi !

Wir haben auch eine deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft unter #deutsch.

I love all 3 of them :))) followed you


awww thank you! What an honor! :DD


Adorable drawings +w+ I came here through your replys!

Wow, was für ein super Stil! Und die Ausdrücke sind so glaubhaft, ahh! Viel Spaß mit den Übungen, und möge der verflixte Artblock sich bald verabschieden!! :')

I made this drawing - and mentioned you at the same time.


aww thats sooo cool! Saw it immediateley! Thank you so much!


As I said...:)

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These are fantastic. I love the idea of challenging oneself in an effort to grow. I look forward to seeing your next post!


Hello @vermillionfox Thank you soo much! So far its going good, what I find the most relieving that I am not that... fearful anymore about posting "sketches" or unfinished work.. I try to appreciate them as much as a real illustration because they help me to get better as well :) and its really encouraging to see that people like them, too! thank you so much :)

nice....your post deserve upvote and resteem...


heey @lautenglyle thank you so much! Really appreciate it :)


u r welcome

This is superb. The guy looks a bit wicked though.
Do check out the artwork by my autistic son

Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm glad I stumbled upon your post. This is great motivation for me to get into drawing. My dreams were crushed in 7th or 8th grade when my teacher expected me to draw something on the table without any direction. I've always been interested in drawing; I will certainly try my hand at it again.


Heey @teevee! Thats very sad to here but I am very confident that everyone can learn to draw if they are interested! Of course you have to put in some time and work but I would really like to encourage you to try it again! We can doo iiiit!

Super charming! Do you draw live on twitch?


Hey there, thank you very much! Yes I do! you can visit my channel here:


Pretty awesome! I've only watched twitch in terms of gaming but it's awesome that makers like us can take advantage of the tech.



hehe heeey thank you :D