10 Weeks Drawing Challenge - Day 13

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hi Guys,

in case you wondered: No I did not break my chain yet. I am just working on a bigger piece right now and were saving that for this post.

This is the current WIP:

So it all started with this sketch!

then, refining on the details of the frog's face:

Tomorrow I am also going to name the winner of my 100 Followers event, so stay tuned!

Have a nice weekend :)

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Cool froggo

thank you :)

Nice post, beautifully presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics. thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

Hi @kingjan thank you so so much, I will try to make my next posts more detailed with explanations, still have to learn that though :D Thank you!

Nice work. It is interesting to see the steps as you progress.

Hi @timspeer thank you so much for your comment :) While drawing I usually forget to make progress pictures but this time I did some for steemit :).

Very nice work. Happy to see this. Amazing post. Hope to see from you more amazing post in future. Have a good day. Upvoted you. Following you.

hey @impressions :) Thank you so much for your nice comment, your upvote and follow, really appreciate it :)

Love it! What program do you use if you don't mind me asking? Keep up the great work!

hey @mmjintheusa Thank you :) I am using Photoshop and a Wacom Graphic Tablet

Great art work @palien 😊. Upvoted and followed 😊.

hey there, thank you so much :)!

Wow. It looks really great @palien Wish I had your skills. For real!

hi @mphil thank you for your nice comment :)! You can do it!

Great work!!
Upvoted and followed. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff

@alexahawthorne thank you so much for the upvote and follow :) Really appreciate it!

Very nice colors, i like it :3

Haiii @lasttergen thank youu :)

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Nice, i really like it

That's crazy XD I love it. You've got a very unique style there.

hey @jameshsmitharts thank youuuu : D

Great Work!!!

@saleg25 thank you again :)