Steem Engine in Pixels! (Must see for real)

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It's VOXEL time again - Steem-themed!

Hello my people, in hopes of making cool stuff for posting, I spent a bunch of time on this. This was CRAZY FUN! :D

This is the original inspiration:

Tower: Made in Blender

mVox isn't the best for complex modeling. I made the tower in Blender to save time!

Editing environment preview

Wanted to show proof that I made this :)

Thirsty for STEEM!

This is based on an animated gif I made WAY back in July 2017!

Left view

This needs to be a VIDEO GAME!

The right side!

Billows and billows of STEEM POWERS!!!

The cabin

I was going to detail the interior of the cabin, but what the fudge, this was a tonne of work and I ran out of time...

My favourite shot!

Look at the relief on his face — he was running low on resource credits and is loading up on tasty, refreshing Steem Powers! Yum!

Rear/Left View...

It's a very useful blockchain!

Is this getting a bit repetitive?

YES! But repetitive pixels are still cool!

Seeya later, Steem Train!


I'm out!

I'm up super late as I'm writing this, time for some rest!!! Thanks so much for your support!

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Can imagine this took damn long. I still get pissed off when trying to figure out what direction mVox is gonna move things. Lol had to laugh though because you said, YUM!


Yeah TBH I feel a little stupid working this hard for chump change... I need to cut back to two posts a week. For some reason I went hog-wild this week.

This is amazing stuff @overkillcoin
Maybe you could collab with @roelandp He is always making amazing Steem stuff that uses the blockchain to interact with the real world... amazing.

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I sense a collab in the air with a number of people as the bear market finally fizzles out :)

Thanks so much for your support!!!

I saw his Steem whale in early 2018, those were good days...

Woo! Steem Steem!! The images are super fun. Thanks for your creation. I can appreciate how fun they are but can not relate to how much time it took to create them. I hope you have a wonderful sleep 💗Zzzzzz!

I wonder how much time had it taken making it. O.o

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I always lose track on purpose so I don't get too depressed! XD

I love the idea! An endless cycle with no stations :P


No time for me to model the stations too... maybe next year when Steem is at $15 :)


Until that time it will remain a big mystery. Everyone is waiting for the final station :D


It will look like something from early Nintendo :)