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Whale? No... Dolphin? Nope... It's the Manta Ray of Hope!

I figure every minnow knows and looks forward to a visit from this generous sea creature. When a post has a stagnated for an hour, BAM — in swims the Manta to drop some tasty up votes! They might even get a little careless with the vote slider, just to spread the cheer. What a fabulous skate.


Real-life Manta Rays


Steve Dunleavy


Shiyam ElkCloner (Own work)


Jon Hanson

Thanks for sliding on by & checking out my post!

Yes, I know that I was supposed to get rid of my old logo, but I'm taking this jerk out of cold storage until I can replace him with the gator

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I need Manta Ray Of Hope too xD

how to get manta ray of hope ? :D m willing to have good upvote :D

Lolz... I'm so thankful that you read the post, so many bots and spammers out there... Thanks @hassanabid 8^]

hahaaha :D :D

Upvoted and also resteemed :)

Thanks a lot @tomato-ghost! I appreciate the support! 8-)

Manta Ray of Hope!
Who could gaze upon his illustrious fins
Without so much as breaking a grin?
He brings upvotes in his wings
Manta Ray, you make me sing!

horribly cheesy tribute to the Manta Ray of Hope
accredited to one Edwin. H. Remmington

†[Not a real person]

Haha,,, love it man, thanks for stopping by! Your haiku is good as gold! I have another one out tomorrow, I like it better than this one :D

Sweet! I'll be looking for it =]

the mantaray of hope
can I lasso him with a rope
trail behind him like a boat
getting showered by all his upvotes
then I'd bask in the glory and gloat
if only I had a ray of hope

I love it! You're a great rapper!

Your poetry skills have reached the level of "notepad nomad"

Very cool! I think this should be a real thing here in our aquatic infrastructure... maybe it's one of those almost anonymous curators who ends up being near the top of your upvotes list but when you check their profile, it turns out they've never created content and only have left 13 comments in 11 months...

It would be fun on an unofficial list or diagram, although maybe a bit confusing eventually :D

It's crazy to think about, but whales and other large accounts can actually make a living from just curation rewards. Early adoption has its perks! :D

The barely active accounts that drop up vote bombs are definitely mysterious and intriguing...

lotsa fishes on steemit.

"ray of hope" is a new one lol

Thank you for checking in @fiftyshades... Just trying to add a different perspective I suppose. Tomorrow's drawing is going to be a fun one.

Take care!!!

i'll stay tune for your drawing tomorrow!

Take care!!!

nice one @overkillcoin..your one of the mantra my ray of hope hehehe

I wish I could give bigger upvotes so I could be a MANTA RAY of HOPE hahaha...

Hopefully I can be at 9000!

someday we will be like that hehehe

Is possible I guess. Then 1 upvote can buy my friends a sandvich XD

you buy one for me hehehe

Right now my best upvote can only buy some cheap candy XD... Would have to be at least 4x for a small sandvich

Some Great picture you have here. @overkillcoin

Thank you - the photos are found on wikipedia, I only made the drawing :^]

lol! rich bitches

love this and would totally love to see it added as a level. Im curious where minnows, dolphins and whales even started from? It seems to have nothing to do with steem lol

You're right... my guess is that it originates from trading... I remember it as early as 2013... :D Thanks for stopping over again - I think you'll love tomorrow's post, it pokes fun at... a certain... pest.

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