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RE: The Old Dog Asks: How Can Artists Sell Their Work?

in #art4 years ago

It's a very good idea! I'm thinking about my own exposition but the rent is pretty expensive in the galery and there is no guarantee that something will be sold out.
I'm planning to create a website with photos of my works. How do you think, it is a good idea or just a waste of time?

I would not dare to leave my vases in the dentist's office without supervision, because we have a lot of thefts here.
In Ukraine, it is not profitable to sell art works, so I will try to establish connections abroad. I don't want to give up my works for nothing, in which i put a lot of effort and part of myself.

I'm little bit upset that i didn't manage to take part in the competition that you organized. I was very loaded with work. I hope you will create one more contest soon😉😘