The Spaces Between - Brush Mark Paintings by British Artist Roanna Wells

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People tend to overlook many of the reasons why an artist has the drive and passion to pursue their work on a daily basis. Often the repetitive nature of the work is a meditative state and problems can be solved in a way in which makes sense to them. Roanna Wells is a British artist and her work captured my attention thanks to the quietness I sensed in the final pieces. At first sight they are small marks that run across the page individually but making a collective as a whole. As you delve in to the concept behind the work the detail really cuts in and makes me think about the state of mind one has to be in to create such a piece of art.

Take her series "Spaces Between" as an example, this was carried out during a studio residency where she looked to document a period of time, each brush mark representing a minute of a day, with each colour change representing a new day. Eighteen days were painted in total and I think it shows the dedication and contemplation needed, it also makes you ponder the reasoning behind such a piece of work.

Interestingly this series later sparked an artwork titled "Tracing Process". It's contrasting to the original concept as she looked to involve visitors, inviting them to add their own marks to the painting and exploring the idea of releasing controls and allowing others in to her creative process. Art is seen as a personal pursuit, something you do on your own terms, but I can imagine opening up in a such a way was really inspiring for her and I hope it will be a strong reference for Roanna in the future. I will keep my eye out for more from her. Please enjoy this collection of photos below, more can be seen on her portfolio too.

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That is cool. Although I think I would go a little bit insane.


Haha yes! An interesting method of making :)


I mean I had to interrupt my own insanity just imagining the process of this one :-D
Really cool.


Thanks for commenting. Yeah, the process must be quite lengthy (maybe tedious depending on your mindset)! lol But the idea is a nice one.

What the heck of an art. This is truly and obviously creative and nothing more than passion.


Thanks so much for the comment. Yeah, I think she's a very talented artist.

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this is an another level of persistence, patience and consistency.

This is art.

This is insane.

In a good way ;)


Definitely! I hope to have persistence and patience like this. It's very inspiring. Have a good day and thanks for commenting :)