Shaping Colour - Coloured Glass Tables and Objects by Studio Germans Ermics

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One thing that I've always struggled with is making colours work together in a cohesive manner. Usually I tend to veer towards the minimalistic side of the scale, which is partly due to my interest in subtle tones that don't shout out at the viewer. Saying that, I'm still very envious when I see creatives who are able to work with colour in a way that compliment each other and bring a new dimension to the work. I think that's exactly the case here with these works designed by Germans Ermics, a designer currently based in Amsterdam.

Born in Riga, Latvia, Germans Ermics went on to study graphic design in Denmark and later specialised in furniture and interiors in Eindhoven. Both of these worlds collide in his newest selection of work which has seen him travel in a totally new direction, producing coloured glass furniture that's minimalistic and modern at the same time. The colours add intrigue and a new dimension to the furniture.

These works could of been produced solely out of glass, but they wouldn't be nearly as interesting. This gradient of colour running throughout each piece really makes them stand out and gives them a completely different quality. Germans is calling this technique "shaping colour", which is relevant considering the appearance given off of colours floating in space. I suppose they are also an illusion of sorts, something I also admire in design. Hopefully you like these too and will go on to view more on his website below, they are very unique.

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