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Comparative Forms - Paper Artworks by Australian Artist Bianca Chang

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I've noticed a trend in terms of the content over the last month, tending to gravitate towards Australian artists and their work. Bianca Chang was just another coincidence in this regard, she's currently located in Melbourne but was born in Brisbane. Her art has many levels, figuratively and in a literal sense, so that's why I wanted to bring it forward here and talk about today.

Bianca Chang has approached the meaning of a canvas in a completely new way. She uses paper that is both drawn on top of and also cut in to, hand-cutting each sheet layer-by-layer to reveal a certain form within the depth of the sheets. I think a lot of people assume that artists are not craftsmen, and this proves the opposite. This must take Bianca a lot of time and precision to create such forms so I'm truly in awe of her work.

One thing I noticed is the appeal of seeing the surface layer and then having to look deeper in to the canvas, this three-dimensionality can trigger all sorts of revelations in the brain. It would be great if more artists pursued such freedom and I'm glad Bianca is paving the way for us. Here are a few of my favourite artworks that she has produced over the last few years from paper, but for more of a selection you can visit her portfolio on the link below.

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Amazing us again with the beautiful objects :)

I love these artists and styles you introduce to us.
thank you dear friend