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girl шапка.jpg

Hello gals, boys, and everyone.

Did you miss me? I was out a home tomorrow, and my pic was too regular for my opinion, so I decided to skip my post. But today – a new girl!


As always I started with my erasable color pencil, I show one before here. I bought a new paper (Canson), and want to test it out!

1 pic.jpg

First layer – skin tone with I believe ruby color.

2 pic.jpg

Next, I mixed Black and Carmine for nice burgundy tone.

3 pic.jpg

For hair and background, I mixed Indigo and Quinacridone Lilac. Also, used Cobalt Blue for eyes.

4 pic.jpg

And leaves of course. One day I'll learn how to draw a background.

5 pic.jpg

I think this paper very... strange. And it works really different. Maybe this paper will be good for flowers or something like this.

Color I used


  • Carmine
  • Ruby
  • Black


  • Quinacridone Lilac
  • Cobalt Blue

I hope you enjoy it! Leave your questions and suggestions, and don't forget to follow!


Valentina Egorova aka Octopaper

Upwork | instagram | 99designs


Nice and trending! It reminds me Pantone Color of this year - Ultra Violet :)

Thanks! I like this color a lot :)

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Она замерзла сидеть без штанов в кустах - вон, посиреневела аж вся! ;-)

Она прячется в холодном теньке)