Watercolor painting with limited supplies

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Good morning and welcome to the weekend, Steemians!

Anyone else excited to see spring around the corner? It is supposed to get into the 20s C today. While this would call for some spring photos, I thought I first would share one of my watercolor paintings, step by step, with you.

(Full version further below)

2018-09-02 13.30.04-3.jpg

Intentionally I painted this picture limiting my art supply. Instead of using my full set of art tools, I used the ones pictured below: NeonColor II watersoluble crayons, selected tombows, micron pens and pencil for the sketching.

2018-09-02 14.00.18.jpg

Surprisingly I found this limiting of supplies rather freeing. As an artist I have a sometimes unhealthy obsession of getting new papers, paints and pens. I am sure you have no idea what I am talking about, right?!

This fairy tale character was modeled after Tinker Bell, but with a dark twist. I refer to her lovingly as Vampire Tink.

Being a vampire I felt the picture could use a bit more contrast, darkness, which I could have easily done by adding another layer or two of watercolors. Instead, however, I resorted to my trusty ol' friend Adobe Photoshop CC. I played around with adjustment layers darkening the background and also her wings.

Now there's the original light version, the medium and the dark version.


Here is my step-by-step process:

2018-09-01 15.41.10.jpg

2018-09-01 18.14.39.jpg

2018-09-02 13.30.04-3-2.jpg

Tinkerbell Vampire.jpg

Tinkerbell Vampire1.jpg

My favorite one is the version with the darker background, but light wings, making her pop a bit more.

Which one is your favorite?



Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed!


She is a fairy vampire? That is a cute contrasting concept. I like her black heart and the morning star at the edge of her wing :).

Hehehe - yup, I liked that contrast. After painting a lot of cutesy pies during an online course, I had enough of it and had to break loose - and there she was: Vampire Tink including full weaponry - LOL

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Oh wow! Thank you very much, @art-venture. I very much appreciate it, being so very new I am still trying to find my way around how things work on here. In the meantime I'll keep posting :)