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RE: "Ithaqa" Comic Book Update #85 Things Get Grimier + A Reflection On Themes

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Wow, you are on an excellent path for your main theme. Lovecraft wrote about the insignificance of humanity in the scale of the universe; you take it a step further, about the insignificance of the universe in the scale of multi-verses!!
It reminds me a lot of a quote you might be familiar with: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And, in this case, the magic is dark and eldritch! I love the concept, and the blending of Science -- as long as it does not become a sci-fi thriller ;)


Yeah I have heard that quote! Even though I never saw Cowboys vs Aliens, I did love the idea that if Aliens landed on earth any time before like the 1900's, we would have assumed they were demons. A pretty cool little narrative nugget!