Space Blaster

in art •  last year

Today’s work is called “Space Blaster”.

So today I ate a sandwich that had been wrapped in some tinfoil. Once I was done, I balled up the tinfoil wrapper and as I was doing that a piece of cheese fell out onto the table. Looking at the cheese and tinfoil, of course the first thing that came to mind was “Photo Opp!”. So I snapped a vertical shot of the 2 objects from above the table. Looking for inspiration to come up with a name of my new masterpiece, I rotated the photo to the left to see if anything would pop into mind. And voila! A space blaster with some ammo on the side.


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This is what the photography make every little moment special but only a creative mind can do this. Nice work

Hahaha 😁

Everyone an artist.


year 2045?? lol humor


Guns are killing so people but people love them.


Someone saved my life one time using a gun, if they didnt have a gun, i would be dead right now.


:o sorry for the incident.


That hurts my eyes

Very creative, definitely one of a kind!

Back in the day, people used to do something similar with clouds. :)


looks like a puppy to me creative. That's the beauty of photography. This is the art of capturing and reflecting your heart into an image.

Interesting concept. I too, have a mind that "sees" things in everyday objects. I makes me totally absent minded at times. I look at someone's face, for instance, and find myself adding construction lines to the features. So kudos to you @novert. Keep being creative. The world would be lost without lateral thinking!

The art of photography has no boundaries...


And creativity as well.

Yeah. Every day itself is a photo op. Good point.

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I see it! Beautiful. 💥☄️🌌

Amazing post

Good thinking, Good product

upvote Mutual

upvoted. good post


Good imagination! Good photo.

Hahaha nice! love the creativity, thank you for sharing!

god post,
upvote post,

Really nice photography. Is it paper on table, then you snapped? Or others?
Looks like glassy paper...

that can change my life

Sangat kreatif,,,,

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lol.. but i think you are very creative

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you must be bored!

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an art that was resulted from an accident ... very good
it's look like an alien weapon in a cartoon movie.. :)

Excelente post, soy nueva de esta gran comunidad espero contar con tu apoyo...

What a way to create art, for creativity there are no limits jajaajajaa

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Beautiful art

hahaha crazy art is on all sides you just have to have perspective

Classy photography. Super talent you have got

Creativity way to high👏🏻👏🏻

wawwww i really like your post

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thats the real meaning of enjoying a meal, you gave the sandwitch an art with your awsome talent

Is this post worth $300+ @trevonjb ?

Interesante historia para crear una fotografía.

I don't get it if I'm honest it just looks like rubbish, but reading through this post I'm in the minority. So fair play mate, you've literally made money from eating your lunch and having a decent imagination.

Very good muy bueno

You have some amazing photos!
Gonna follow and upvote :)
Hope you like mine... Good Luck!

Cool, this is the kind of creativity I like to see on Steemit lol

That's the beauty of a creative mind, always finding the most unexpected visuals and turning them into something amazing!

Incredible your imagination of truth jajajaj

It actually reminds me of a dog.. there is a nose, head shape, ears, paws lol he is facing to the right, maybe you can see it?

I am done with your antics bruv... DAFUQ is this? 😂😂😂

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You are completely delusional.

your kidding me right?
this gets 187 upvotes
while this gets two