Not Everything is Black and White

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Don't worry.
This isn't another one of those stupid posts that uses an idiom to explain common sense.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Not Everything.png
Not Everything


Not Everything is black and white.

You see, I named the image above, Not Everything, and it's black and white.

It has been a few hours since I first thought of that and for some strange reason I still feel like an incredibly clever man for doing something like that.

It'll probably be a few more hours until I can float back down to the ground from this cloud of amazing thoughts. Just let me have my little moment.

I'm sure

you've had your moments as well.

I know this isn't the first time I've felt really smart.

One day, my back was itchy. Of course nature decided to mess with me and place that itch in an area I can't reach without dislocating a shoulder or two.

Luckily for me, I had a brain, and there was a fork nearby.

I looked at that fork for a couple seconds and I was like, hmm. That fork kind of looks like a hand.

A hand, or, help, was exactly what I needed.

So to make a long story, short: I placed the fork on the floor and started dragging my itchy back around on top of it, much like how a dog would drag its itchy ass on the rug.

Just kidding.

I used the fork to reach the itch and scratch my back.

And now you can, too!

This post wasn't really supposed to be about that. I started out feeling really smart and now, I have no idea how I got here.

Today's post was supposed to be about, me, and I was planning to show off some of my other black and white digital artworks.

Like these three

from Season Three:

NoNamesLeftToUse - That's Why It's There.jpeg
That's Why It's There

NoNamesLeftToUse - Now Is Your Chance.jpeg
Now Is Your Chance

NoNamesLeftToUse - Wrapped Up In Fear.jpeg
Wrapped Up In Fear

Plus this awesome one

that even comes equipped with an animation!

NoNamesLeftToUse - These Things Happen.jpeg
These Things Happen

But that's not everything.

This is Not Everything:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Not Everything.png
Not Everything

I suppose it looks simple. Once you start seeing all of the ghosts, then what was once dead, comes alive.

Not everything is black and white.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png

"This isn't the first time I've said something twice something twice."

© 2019 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.

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giphy (4).gif

So that's what you do with a bear ass.

Another bloody post about a hard fork. I can't stands it!?!


I'm just so damn worried though! Like OMG OMG OMG!

It will all be judged on how well it scratches that itch!!

OMG etc

Crazy how one little itch requires 17 witnesses.

Whilst they are at it they could maybe change a light bulb?

I think I saw Ned screwing a light bulb.

LOL - Put the fork on the floor.....

I mean, can you think of a better way?

I know exactly how you feel, err, felt.

Not all times are onceuponatime!

It's good to get a taste of genius every now and again, without having to actually kill anyone.

You eat geniuses while they are still alive? How uncouth! Even the primitive cannibals cooked them first.

It's kind of like sushi, I guess, and I've been trying to stop smoking them.

I've seen those stories of Japanese sushi eaters consuming the lobster in slices while it is still alive! (Very fresh, I suppose - but I didn't think you were like that!)

There's a lot of things I haven't blogged about yet.

And here I thought you'd been around the blog a time or two.

I think "Wrapped Up In Fear" is great, but "Not Everything" has something that catches me. Maybe I don't have anything, but I feel it consumes all my gaze!

All your gaze are belong to me.

Of course I do. Now the laughter for all the comments you got haha!

Are they always this cheerful?

Yes. Unless I do something that pisses them off.

I will come more often! ;)


I have had an itchy back for years - never thought of the fork.
I haven't had many moments...

I'm tellin' ya! Get forked! Works wonders!

I tell a lot of people to get forked too.

Spreading the word. That's good to see.

New fork who dis


Well now that was an interesting moment. See! This is what I'm talking about!

My similar cleverness (but not really), was in creating "Nothing takes no time." Work estimates, you know.

Nothing turns into something the moment you do anything. Don't forget that.

And that is because doing anything requires some time and not no time.

The most colorful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all ^^
Great twist on hf ;) LOL & im happy to allow you to have your little moment of utter lostness ;)

Yup! It's like there's a hidden rainbow in all of that darkness of white.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Not Everything should be black and white. It has more impact. My only question is...

Was it a hard fork?

I can't even say fork around you people without everyone being hard on me!

I don't think that a soft fork would be a very good backscratcher.

Posted using Partiko Android

Probably not. Do they even make soft forks though? Tin foil forks? Why am I still talking about forks? What the fork is going on here!

I'll just fork off and get back to work now.

Posted using Partiko Android

Well it's about forking time!

Not everything is black & white.
From the phrase i remeber a moment of thre or four weeks before when i knew that there are also grey portions which need to be checked. I don't know now what i wanted to say. Si that's all.
Btw Awesome artwork.

Posted using Partiko Android

I don't know what I want to say either. Cows and ducks I guess. Thanks!

That was very clever ;)

I've used a fork as a back scratcher before...than my husband asked what sort of hanky panky I was up to when he saw the red slashes everywhere. Guess I went at it a little hard..

I know! I did it all by myself.

Yeah, you don't want to dig. You're not trying to eat yourself.

Or am I?

Once I had my reading prescription adjusted I could start reading your posts.

a creative maverick at last.

Clearly bored out of your brains. Three cheers. The problem with our children is that they have no time and space left in which to get properly bored. How else can you create the room for NowHere that special place/state where no-thing can grow and art can hapen?

If I was bored out of my brains, I'd be be buh bah ber bah.

Well then I'll retract the compliment and save it for a later date.

Well then I'll retract
The compliment and save it
For a later date.

                 - sukhasanasister

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I can't believe I blew my chance at receiving a compliment.

Not at all! Nothing blown. No worries. It's saved for a later date. When you're are properly bored. My bad for having made the mistake in thinking you were already pretty much well on your way. (You know how I dig boredom as a creative impulse).

Ever been so bored, you didn't notice you were bored, because you were so busy being bored?

Now that's what I'm talking about!

I rather like Not Everything. A lot taking place visually. I see some of the ghost, I am sure I do not see all of them, but I also see a fist that looks like it is raised in anger.

For something so simple, on the surface, yes, I'd have to agree, it's enjoyable. Of course I stashed a few more things in there for people to see, if they see them. It's much easier to do this stuff when I use red though. I was going to write about that but decided to keep my secrets another day.

I kept looking for the fork, but the tall skinny alien kept distracting me. LoL.

(I had a broadcast error, so hope this does not post twice, I hate when that happens)

Some would argue there is a grey area in your assumptions of balck and white! Literally too!

Posted using Partiko iOS

They'd somehow still manage to lose in court.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Note to self: Delete draft of stupid post that uses an idiom to explain common sense. 🙂

Aren't you glad there are people like me in this world who will put their foot in their mouths so you don't have to?

Haha! 😋

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hehe, all that time and effort you put in to your artwork, and 3 comments come in at the same time about the fork..

Posted using Partiko Android

I don't mind. Part of the post was ridiculous humor so I have to expect to get some in return.

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