Dragoon Speed Painting and Timelapse

in art •  3 months ago

Hey all you wonderful people :)
Its speed painting time.


So browsing away today a came across a great post from @anritco he's been practicing his art and posting his results.

One of which was this excellent dragon sketch. Which gave me a kick of inspiration and I just had todo a speed painting of a dragon.

The Dragoon


Timelapse Video

Shout out to @jeffandhisguitar for his mystical music in my video.

Just a quick post for today :)
Next art post will have my usual breakdown of processes.
Thanks for viewing
Nick aka @niko3d

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Animation By @zord189


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Fantastic niko :D
Great picture and mystical feel. I love dragons :D
Wicked tune too :)
Thanks bro! Love to the fam :D


Cheers buddy :-) hope all is well matey.

Nice artwork @niko3d. I didn't know about this style called speed painting, but this looks great. I assume one can also do it with oils and water colours. Your Dragon looks like it means business. Nice one.


Speed painting is simply a timeboxed painting usually between 20 mins and 1 hour to paint your work. Commonly in digital form, bit of course you could use any medium you want. Personally I class any painting under 1 hour 30 mins to be a speed painting.

Wow! It's cool! Dragoon in the fog))

Awesome painting and such a well done video!


Cheers :)

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Oh, how beautiful! I love dragons in general, I make dragon eyes 👀 jewelry. Your video is splendid, so is the music, congrats!


Thanks :) Cool do you make them with resin?

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cool timelapse video, niko ! and the dragon looks really nice and awesome, also <3


Thanks veryspider, always appreciate your feedback :)

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That is one great painting brother. Excellent. Cool video as well...music I have to say is excellent as well.


Thanks John :) appreciate your comment and resteem.

That's fantastic. I think that sums it up!!

Your dragon is mystical and amazing!!

Awesome, and very mysterious, I like!

Haven't seen @anritco here for awhile...


Cheers Marty, yeah hes not been posting much until recently I think :) check out the link above and follow the breadcrumbs.


Haha, I followed the breadcrumbs, thanks for the tip! I had no idea, but then again, no shares either, so I'll have to wait till September 15th :)
Thanks again ;)