Wearable savings. How you could own your very own Picasso.

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Diana Widmaier Picasso, is the daughter of Maya Picasso, who herself is the daughter of Pablo Picasso & Marie-Thérèse Walter. Thus, Diana Widmaier Picasso is Pablo Picasso's great grand-daughter.


Widmaier-Picasso grew up in Paris, where her father, Pierre Widmaier, has a shipping business.


Maya à la Poupée, 1938 painting, is a split-visaged portrait of Maya the daughter born to Picasso & Marie-Thérèse Walter, Maya, wearing pigtails & a plaid jumper, holding a doll. Maya is Diana's mother.


Diana Widmaier-Picasso, is putting her name & design talents behind Mene Inc.

Mene Inc is a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry venture, manufacturing & retail timeless 24K gold jewellery online. Mene is innovativing a first-to-market user experience. Prices are transparent.
Mene Inc prices will fluctuate daily based on market jewellery price of gold.


In India & China consumers always ask the weight, the value of the gold and its purity.

Roy Sebag, co-founder & CEO, Goldmoney Inc


For example, a Mene bracelet priced at $900 earlier this year, costs $1,000 today.

Gold is up about 12% YTD.


Artists have always venerated gold, especially the Egyptians who enclosed their royal mummies in massive gold sarcophagi. Gold was thus always treasured for its solar symbolism associated with power and richness, as well as for its protective and timeless value

I am excited to participate in this inspirational collaboration with my friends Roy Sebag & Sunjoo Moon as Chief Artistic Director of Menē.

Diana Widmaier-Picasso.


Menē Inc is founded by Roy Sebag & Diana Widmaier-Picasso, with its principal offiice at 6 Place Vendome in Paris, France.

Goldmoney Inc. has the third largest equity investment in Menē Inc, after Menē founders Roy Sebag & Diana Widmaier-Picasso. Menē has agreed to exclusive dealing, storage, & wholesale distribution with Goldmoney.
  • Sebag, the largest shareholder of both Goldmoney & Menē, is CEO.
  • Widmaier-Picasso, is Chief Artistic Director, overseeing Menē creative & artistic direction.
  • Sunjoo Moon is Creative Director. A multifaceted designer Sunjoo Moon, formerly designed for Missoni & LVMH's Kenzo.


Menē The Name

Menē ("meh-ney") is an ancient Aramaic word linking jewelry, gold, money, & savings.

A "Menē", reflecting 567 grams of pure gold, is the first written word for "money" as codified in the Code of Hammurabi approximately 4,000 years ago.

For much of written history, humans exchanged value by pricing goods and services in units of "menē", which provided a predefined measurement of gold.
Those units were often ultimately settled as pure 24 karat jewelry that could be readily exchanged.


This ancient tradition, though often misunderstood by economists, is alive & well in the East where pure gold jewelry powers a savings economy in which jewelry is bought, sold, exchanged, and borrowed against as an asset that maintains its purchasing power.

Roy Sebag, CEO, Goldmoney Inc


Goldmoney is committed to continuous innovation, thought leadership in precious metals, and building a collaborative global ecosystem around all forms of commodity money.
We are thrilled to announce our investment in Menē and support of the tireless work of an incredible team of designers, manufacturers, and software engineers who have invested in the Menē vision.
Josh Crumb, co-founder, CSO, Goldmoney

Diana Picasso wearing the Menē Signet Bracelet at the Women's Power Lunch Event June 20, 2017

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This is absolutely fantastic. Resteemed and tweeted!

Excellent. The world needs to know!


Good stuff for sure! jbcoin

Thank you, @jbcoin

WOnderful Post! I like this word "MENE" now as saying it sounds already like wearing it :). Will upvote, resteem and follow

Thank you for your kind words.

! I like this word "MENE" now as saying it sounds already like wearing it :)

That's the idea. @rasow3113
Sunjoo Moon is Mene's creative director.

Great for sharing and her name sounds Korean; which I have visited South Korea in past. Is she also on steemit; if so I can check her post as well and follow? :) thanks NigelMarkDias!

I am not sure whether she is on Steemit or not.

Here's a backgrounder.

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24K gold from Mene

I am excited about this. I may one day want to own a piece.

Like this one? @lig007

Yes, like that one.

Wow! I wasnt aware of this! I love picasso! Makes me proud to be spanish! :) greetings from spain! :)

You're welcome, @albertoyago

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nice to see her work and thanks - i follow you now - i have a picasso but unfortunately it is only a old damaged lithograph -i hope you will enjoy my art too - David

Thank you, @daydreams4rock
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You may also like Simon Shaw's conversation about the legendary love affair between Picasso & Marie-Thérèse Walter with their granddaughter, art historian and curator Diana Widmaier-Picasso.

Thank you very much -- i appreciate the lead for youtube too -- am watching now -David

i like that interview -- great sculpture that i hadn't seen besides the Bull and the erotic one


Glad you like it, @herpor

This is absolutely fantastic. Resteemed and tweeted!

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Amazing stuff. Thank you! Shared and up-voted! jbcoin

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thanks for sharing @ nigelmarkdias:)

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This is very interesting. Learned a lot from your post. Thanks. And by the way, your writing is improving! Congrats!

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What does transcend mean?

@nigelmarkdias It means to rise above.

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Mene_timeless value.jpg

What you can do with name, business talent and being creative! :)

What you can do with name, business talent and being creative! :)

That's an accelerated beginning. @edje

Yep, unluckily for me, I dont have such brand I can use

You can build your own brand: Apple, Google, Amazon or a family one: Disney, Reuters, Tata, Rothschild..😊

Correct! Would be helpful if you can use your family name, like Paris Hilton, like this Picasso girl. Today those names are sufficient already to cash from the so many small minded people who just go for names :) But I hear you! Trying to build some brands as we speak :)

Very interesting. I like how she equates wearable savings to jewelry. Definitely a different take. Her name attached to it probably helps too :-)

I like how she equates wearable savings to jewelry

Gold jewellry has been wearable savings for thousands of years. @belidged