More Women in Rockz.

in art •  2 months ago 

some time ago i made a series of cartoonized pictures of woman.. stuck in rock formations.

There is a story there that must be told...!!

This first picture is from a statue in Cambodja, there are no more details known... It has been seen maybe one or twice by westerners.

This next picture is like 65 meters wide, and the locals do not wish me to relay any information.
I can only say it is near the coast, hahahaha.

Archaeologists think they have a good idea about the age... 1400 years old but i doubt that...!! my gut says it is atleast as old as Stonehenge or even older... there's way too much "patina" on the rocks... way too much.....
If you are just walking there you will never see her... you have to take a boat and wait for low tide...
I am fortunate to know the guy who runs the lighthouse and he takes me on his supply runs every now and then. Which gives me the opportunity to gaze on this beauty.

And there is "THE ONE" womanly Rock.
Location: Monument valley
Height : 204 meters
Age...! 2.000.000 years or more...?
Composition: sandstone and siltstone...

There is no way of telling her age... she was here when there before there was a sea, and the sea went and she was still there.... my guess, 2.000.000 years old or older.... maybe 40 million years, who knows...!!
The native americans who know her say she was there forever... and will stay forever, only the wind can hurt her...
she is majestic and gracious...
they found part of the head, partials but some of the the scientist are very certain about it, there is a rumor that the statue was at least was 260 meters tall. the biggest ever made ancient statue ever...
there are no more stories or myths about here, the people who were there who new were murdered in the Indian cleansing by the American Government...... sad but true...!!

What i try to do is to create a cartoon feel from photo's.
I am interested in industrial photographs, trains, planes & automobiles, nature & fine machinery.
Please let me know in the comments which picture you like best?

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All photo's i use are either my own or are photo's from pixabay labeled free for re-use.

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