Elon Cartoonz Part 2

in #art3 years ago

As a tribute to his contribution for the space race i made some illustrations of the Elon Musk Space-X rocket, lander and spacesuit in different SF environments, there is no order here, just enjoy the picz...!!, here are the first two pictures...!!

Elon goes 2001

What i try to do is to create a cartoon feel from photo's by editing it with a combination of photo editors and playing with light/depth and colours.

On Mars

There is no obvious order here, just enjoy the picz.
I love making cartoon picz, whenever I get bored or restless I like to make some more.

Elon as "The Dark Lord DARTH MUSK"

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All photo's i use are either my own orare photo's from pixabay labeled free for re-use.


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