Winners From My First greatceramicsgiveaway!

in art •  5 months ago


Good Morning Friends, today I picked 2 winners from the 8 entrants to my first of many greatceramicsgiveaways for handmade pigmented porcelain incense burners.

I want to thank everyone who entered and those who spread the word in any way! The more people who enter, the more I can give away over the course of these 5 weeks.

EEF45A1C-1C83-407E-AB6B-604257F2ED30 (1).GIF

As you can see from the Gif, the winners are:

  • @propane
  • @anna-mi
    And because he's already IN my studio working and entered the contest, I threw in an extra for @doctorcrypto. Thus the 3 incense burners in the header photo.

As a winner, please message me on Steemitchat - my name there is Ruth Greenberg- or email at to let me know your mailing address please and I’ll send this to you in the next few days.

These days I am often filled with appreciation for my life and when I think of Steemit and all of you friends, I’m flooded with the awareness of how profoundly being a part of this platform has opened up my world. New relationships I value deeply, a catalyst to explore my creative voice on a whole new level, unprecedented support for my work and being a part of a peaceful revolution and all of it thanks to you!

Tomorrow I will announce the next greatceramicsgiveaway #2 where 2 sets of White Gold lined Leaf Plates will be available to win. I expect to have 4-5 more of these gifting posts in the coming weeks, please stay tuned, spread the word, and enter as many as you’d like.


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I love your work and You're so cute Ruth 😁

For this give away... Is it world wide?

Edit: I just read the rule, you're right shipping cost is too much.


For some of the smaller items int'l shipping will be manageable but it depends on where you are. New Zealand for example is crazy expensive from here, but the UK not as much. Anyway, thanks for your support :-)


Actually I checked shipping cost from US to my country (Indonesia) and it's just too much 😁

You made an animation about selecting the winner.... so cute!!! XD


:-)) glad you liked it!

Love the positivity! Just getting my feed under control and hey! Love your work!


Cheers to positivity @ganjafarmer and thanks!


We keep breaking the bank with good vibes!

Getting more and more people everyday and growing the community!

Congrats to the winners!

I can’t believe I won! I’ll email you


Isn't it great to win?!! Congrats :-)


Yes, I will certainly treasure your artwork

Wow! I'm delighted.



THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! Made me smile you pick the names from a bowl :D I'd love to enter one of your giveaways, really love the idea :D It's so valuable to be here and connect with other Steemians, it truly opens up a lot of possibilities, so glad you are here, and so glad for the many many amazing people working hard on this blockchain :-)


I agree - it's so much fun and there's so much to appreciate here! Yes please enter ...

Congratulations to the winners! You have wonderful works and you look just great! ;-)

Ah I missed this contest, the incenseburners are beautiful x well done to the winners, will keep an eye out for the next one xx


In a few minutes I'll post the next one ;-)

Congrats to the winners!
I love the give away idea! Maybe when I get back into my studio I should do some little give aways, what fun!


highly recommend it, I'm really enjoying this kind of engagement

Congratulations to the winners and to you for such a nice gesture of wanting to get your art to the houses of the steemians.

Good morning to you too
Bless the winners
I hope to join and I win


Yes tomorrow I post the next one, please enter!!!

Congrats, to winners 😀 🎊🎉🎈 I like your technique of tossing out names from bowl — will resteem so others might learn of giveaways!


Keep entering, you'll win :-)))


Cheers! Didn’t think I was eligible but, now, I will 🤗