8bit BB8 in sand storm.

in art •  7 months ago


Feeling retro and nostalgic just by seeing these little boxes? You got it right!! 😁

This is actually a batik I made. Experiment to see traditional crafting meets subclture. Any suggestions for the next one?

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that's so cool!


@bradfordtennyson thank you, very encouraging 😄

Wow wow! I like it a lot. Asian pattern with old Nintendo style! How do you use the batik?


Thank you for your comment @akipponn!

Batik normally uses for sarong, around 2m, which man and woman wrap around their lower body wear like a skirt.

Can also use as bath towel, pareo at beach, baby rap, etc. So many use!

But... I accidentally cut this short as 1m.... 😅 So anything you could think of will do great with this piece! Handkerchief, just frame and hang, pillow case, bag etc😊

Wow! This work look very beautiful and creative!


Thank you so much @sweettais!!😄😄😄

I really like the colours, @naomipangolin...

If it's batik, does that mean the 'white sections' have got wax on ?

The type of batik I'm familiar with has a 'crackling' effect. So will you be doing that as well to your piece ?


Thank you for your comment @cryptocariad!

Batik has many way of making it. In Malaysia where I am staying, don't dip the entire fabric into pigments.

In stead, it is done exactly like a water color painting using the frame to pull every edges to make it tight, use brush to color and can do blend, tone and all those techniques. So I draw a line with wax, then colored in with any colors I want. The white boxes will be kept white together with the waxed lines.

I haven't done cracking technique yet, wish I could try one day!!!