Bullet Journal : Set up 子彈筆記

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This is my first post published by Steempress. If it runs well, I may migrate my portfolio page to WP too (using WIX now). Thank you Vornix providing the WP service too!


Last week I discovered a new cool thing! In fact it is an old thing but I just knew it! I had a hobonichi techo diary book, but in fact not every day have that much thing to write... If use as a schedule book, its pages design is not so friendly and bulky if I bring out. (Although it has line up that with cover to protect the book and also some extra pocket for ticket/memo storage, I think I don't have that much thing to collect...)

So, hobonichi become a daily drawing book and schedule note book is still missing. I tried to shift all things to be digital. Write and save on smart phone, mostly on the google calendar. But it become dull.

Then, I suddenly discovered "bullet journal" when I surfing Youtube, watching drawing tutorial :D It is a bit difficult from hardcore journal book like the traveller notebook. As I googled, it only required a notebook idle at you room, or some simple notebook with square/dots.

I searched some blogs and vlogs, teaching how to make the pages. However... the only complaint, many of them are too fancy. Draw to much deco things and talks little about the function :( (I like drawing too, but for who, that's me, want to learn from zero, it is a bit annoying. I don't need to know how to draw a ship or a house or a balloon but the pages and columns. I will watch it as a personal sharing afterward.)

In short, I want to use it as a schedule, setting some target for my boring life, and improve my procrastination.




上星期左右,無意間在看畫畫教學時,看到一種有趣的東西,叫"BULLET JOURNAL"。我有一本HOBONICHI,好精緻,但工能上真的不太方便,一天一頁,而我也沒有天天都那麼精彩... 甚麼育兒,上學之類的應該比較多東西寫... 我每天就是上班上班和上班,下班也沒有很精彩的夜生活。當然工作上有好多東西在經歷,不過要一一重寫出來我真的比較想爭取休息時間... 要記住的和反省的東西,我記在心裡就OK了的感覺。結果HOBO變成了塗鴉本,只是用來一天一畫這樣。

看到這個BULLET JOURNAL時,又重燃寫日程的熱情了。其實在買了新電話後,想把東西電子化,日程輸入在GOOGLE日歷裡。但沒有其他了,而這個BULLET JOURNAL可以寫一些大小目標之類的,也有一點點日記功能,重點是我想試試新東西xD 所以今天在網路上找起教學來了。

然而,要抱怨一下,找到的大多是好花肖的教學... 畫一堆裝飾的,其實我也喜歡畫,但是啊,對於一個當務之急是想知道怎樣分頁,寫表格跟弄清楚各種功能的人來說,我真的沒有很想看怎樣畫花草車船小熊,還得看一堆筆記鋼筆顏色筆的心得和廣告。這些等我畫好我的分頁再來看就好。

總之,今天的目標是弄了一本BULLET JOURNAL,畫好了基本分頁,來給沉悶生活一點點衝擊,還有治療重度拖延症。


A "bunko" size notebook with dot guide. I used 4/1 of it and idle now. I see many tutorial use large notebook, I think size is not very important (?) I am not going to write too much track.

Index, Future Log/Monthly Log (half year)

July Log

Daily Log

I want to draw lovely things too! After all set up is ready!


Collaboration and order is welcomed. Please leave me message or contact method under the post for detail. Thank you for stopping by :)



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i used to use bullet journal too but it took so much of my time! ps, your tag is wrong - bulletjournal not bulletjourney


Ohhh… let me change it tonite, thzzz. Now I only write some to-do and reminder. And sleep track is the most important at his moment 😂 I think I will make some more later.
What did you write for ur journal?😯


i used to write up stuff for the kids but then it took too long so i just gave up hahahahahaha. I even got a nice book for it and used all the muji pens and coloured up hahaha

Ohh I've seen so many pretty bullet journals :D
I write things down all the time, but I'm too lazy to make it neat xD


Me too, and didn't last long xD besides making it looks good , this time I focus more on function, want better plan and record. Make progress and quality of life💪 hope it is a suitable tool for me~



才沒有...弄我好久😂 版面也得再弄漂亮些,又是一番惡鬥😂



@nanosesame, 生活中持有一种平常心平衡心知足心,足以...

@cn-cutie.pie 妹子,我刚买了2张电影票,一起?


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