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I love You, because I love you
¿Do I love you, and do not know why?
Your love is like a star,
That to raising my hands
To touch it, it is when I realize
The distant thing, which one finds in the space
I want to touch the moon, and I still do not touch it
Every day, it is moreover far,
Nevertheless, you noticed it,
Words do not go out of my lips
that was expressing what I take inside
you ran hurriedly to looking for an object
with estrelles and the identical moon,
only so that it was fulfilling my sleep.
That wonderful, it is the love,
That give value at the same time, and simultaneously fear
That wonderful, it is to love,
So much, that you want to protect from all evil.
That wonderful is the love,
it is irrational and the rational time
it wakes up the desires of laughing, playing, and loving.
¿Do I love you, and do not know why?
I like, that you defend me,
take care of me, with adoration
I do not explain myself, your pleasure in everything
your sleep, with migo,
your desire to fight together
¿Do I love you, do not know why?




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