Excellent, it brought memories of AD&D and Warhammer, some kind of corrupted Death Knight, hungering for adventurer souls... Then, I saw another comment mentioning this, so I can't be wrong! Great picture, great style.

Loving it!
It's done digitally, isn't it?
By the way, your package is on it's way. It has been delayed, because I was sick.

Thank you @shortcut yes it's digital. a late night contemplation piece with painter. I hope you are feeling better now

Thanks, I'm feeling a little bit better ;-) I imagine, that your work would look really great on canvas. Keep it up!

You really have a mastermind skills perfect art

gg, its like warhammer :)

Yeah, always liked those figures. The Hero Quest boardgame was my first introduction to that world and was a big inspiration at the time.

very nice! I mentioned it for sndbox-alpha upvote :)