Madman/Dreamworld + Process

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Some client work. I've already posted some of the progress on this previously. The client actually gave me a drawing that she'd done as reference for the character, and in the end decided she just wanted me to use that, so I can only take credit about half way for the character, because I really just polished up her design.


She ended up wanting to combine elements from 3, 5, and 9, so that's what you see here in the final.

I started this out in 3D, blocking in the space and major elements.


From there the progress went like this

The way this works is by using the 3D base and some of the information channels 3D provides it makes my life easier when painting everything in Photoshop.

For example, this pass separates objects so I can easily make selections in Photoshop based on the colors.

And this pass assigns a color for every surface direction. What that means is by selecting a certain color, I can select those facing surfaces. It basically allows me to relight objects in the scene. At one point I used it to add the light for the glowing crystals, but I ended up painting over all the ground anyway.

That's how this sausage was made. Hope you all like! :D

As always, thanks for looking!

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

For example, this pass seperates objects so I can easily make selections in Photoshop based on the colors.
It should be separates instead of seperates.


Whose idea was it to make a smug robot? lol


lol! I know, right? That thing gets on my nerves.

Oh, so nice ! Looks like a very interesting dreamworld, with a very interesting 'madman' character, indeed <3 Wonderful, @midlet !!


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This is a great looking post, midlet. I certainly enjoy reading the evolution of your commission, from the thumbnails to the final product. All of the progress shots are so colourful, it's nice to see them developed into something even better :).          


Thanks @scrawly! Glad you found it interesting :)

It's really cool to see the tools within the tools you use to make each composition. Nice work!! (^_^)

This is a interesting and new technique for me
and it looks so great, i like the various backgrounds you had already, as well as the finished artwork.

Btw, i also love the evil grin expression the guy has xD
it feels like an old cartoon villian :)