How Donut Faries Die

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More particle fun. I think it was about 17 years ago(omg I'm old) when I first got my hands on a piece of 3D software. Maya version 4. It was a different world back then, but even back then I thought particles were cool. I think it's because I enjoy solving problems and working with particles can be like solving a puzzle.


You have to set up these relationships like if this does this, then this happens, and when you set them up in a cool way you can make something visually interesting and cool to look at.

In this one I'm using the Infection modifier I was experimenting with a while back. Basically I have two infection start points. One at the top and one at the bottom. Once a particle is infected

  • It's lifespan starts counting down, it then only has 2 seconds to live.
  • It starts shrinking
  • It gets affected by motion turbulence

Their color is connected to a gradient that they progress through based on the distance they travel in space throughout their life.

And that's how you kill a donut. The End.

Thanks for looking peeps! :D

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