Cutting Pieces of Glass to Form a Beautiful Whole

in art •  3 months ago

This video by the Corning Museum of Glass is a great presentation of the
primary process of cutting different glass pieces to make a beautiful whole such as a mosaic.

Seeing (and hearing) the glass being cut is kind of therapeutic. Do you agree with me? 😀

Thanks for dropping by and have an awesome day! 😊

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Sort Order: this is how it is done @michelleast? That looks very interesting and I'm sure it must be very rewarding making beautiful mosiacs. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Yes @trudeehunter. 😀 This is the initial process of making mosaics, and yes, it can be very rewarding once you see the perfect blend of colors, figures, and shapes, and your imagination come to life. Thanks for your comment and for dropping by! Cheers! 😃


My pleasure Michelle. (: