Mikhail's (น้องเสื้อ) Rainbow Robo T-Rex :D

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Good day Steemians! Today I'm here to show you my son's Rainbow Robo T-Rex! :D

Mikhail likes dinosaurs very much since he was 2 years old till now. He knows most of the dinosaurs names but, the most he likes is T-Rex. T-Rex is his all time favorite. I used to buy him all movies about dinosaurs and the one he likes to watch is "Jurassic World".

He likes T-Rex but, he's afraid when he sees some customized T-Rex personally :D LOL!

He wants to give and dedicate his drawing to his big bro @rigaronib. He is the King of Holi-Art who let Mikhail recreate his Holi-Art masterpiece. Let's take a closer look at Mikhail's Rainbow Robo T-Rex.

Mikhail thought of that name and the drawing was originally from google. I actually didn't saw that he drew it without me LOL! :D


This was the photo when he did his Rainbox Robo T-Rex. He used his pencil for it.

He told me that he took 20 minutes to draw this one :D

Then he used a black marker to highlight his Rainbow Robo T-Rex.

And he said that it's very hard to highlight the drawing. He was afraid that he would do some mistakes Haha :D

Next he drew a few buildings to show that his Rainbow Robo T-Rex is as gigantic as Godzilla. The buildings that he drew were like shadows.

I asked him why did he colored those buildings in black color. He answered me that, "Because it is night, Daddy. The Rainbow Robo T-Rex likes to show at night because of its colors.
I'm speechless LOL! :D



He stopped drawing for a while because his Mom @thidaratapple wanted him to go out go to the department store. He continued his Rainbow Robo T-Rex in the evening.


And now, he started to color his Rainbow Robo T-Rex using those coloring pens.

I don't know why he colored it like a rainbow. He just told me that he often sees T-Rex with only one color so, he thought an idea of coloring it like a unique T-Rex. Well, I'm just "Ok, nice buddy, you're so talented" :D

After he colored his Rainbow Robo T-Rex, I asked him if he could add some clouds and stars to make it look nice at night if that's a good idea.

He answered me, "It's night right, Daddy? but, what would be the clouds's color?".
I told him that "It's up to you, buddy. It's your drawing so, imagine what would be a better color for that cloud."
And this was it :D


After that cute cloud of his, he drew some stars using his yellow marker by dotting them to the upper side of his Rainbow Robo T-Rex.

He told me that it's better to dotted the stars around than to draw a normal star for it. Cool! :D

And finally, he used his pencil to shade it around his drawing to make it look like a nighttime.

I asked him how did he thought about shading it and he answered me, "I just saw it on YouTube. Sometimes I'm watching good drawings like you told me."
Well, yeah. I forgot that I told him to watch some drawings on YouTube Haha! LOL! :D


And It's DONE!



I hope you all liked it guys! Thank you! :D


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If you want to know which wacky holidays that you should be celebrating everyday, you can visit our family friend and The King Of Holi-Art @rigaronib

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Hello! I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for the great post! ARTzone is now following you! ALWAYs follow @artzone and the artzone tag, and support our artists!

Hey Michael! Firstly, thank you for sharing your son's drawings. They are really good and his imagination is very creativity.
We wanted to get in touch with you as we spoke to @ricko66 and he mentioned that you were looking to create a 'farang' in Thailand Discord community. We did not know this prior to today, so we already created a Discord server for 'farang' or foreign Steemians in Thailand. At first, there was a misunderstanding about our community, but we cleared the air with @ricko66. Ours is for foreigners and his is for locals using the #thai and we will use #thailand. He said we should get in touch with you about working on this Discord community. It's up and running, so please have a look at it and let us know what you think: https://discord.gg/R7GusbA
Thanks and it's a pleasure to meet you :) Speak to you soon!


Hi @travelling-two! I'll be at there soon! 😊


Cool! Can't wait to have you here and get this thing going properly as we didn't have the best of starts due to the misunderstanding of our Discord group server intention. 😊

Such a creative son of yours! Very brilliant! Btw, I nominated you to a challenge hope you join in the fun too! Thanks! :)


Thank you @beany-inhinyero! 😊
I'll take a look at that challenge! Thank you! 😊


Sure sure no pressure :) Youre welcome :)


This one is sooooo cool! I love your creations. :)


Thanks bro @rigaronib!
And now @thidaratapple will think an explanation about what is Holy Smokes means. Haha LOL! :D


Hahaha It's a slang term, I guess.

Holy smokes
—used to say that one is very surprised, pleased, or excited
ex. Holy smokes! You got your hair cut!



Hahaha! :D Now she'll know how to explain it to Mikhail Haha!

Nice artwork bro! Simple but rock! Keep it up.


Thanks bro! 😊


Welcome bro.