Introducing His Holiness, the Redeemed "DARTH TUT"

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I'm thrilled to present to you my latest sculptural work, aptly titled "Darth Tut". This piece is dipped in copper and rhodium, then double plated with a 24k gold finish. "Darth Tut" is my interpretation of King Tut meets a redeemed Darth Vader.


Resurrected through an infinite force (electromagnetic, of course) from an ancient civilization a long time ago, a galactic pharaoh, samurai of the solar system, ruler of radiance, master of mythology and moral complexity. On exhibit this weekend Nov. 11-12 in Pasadena, CA for DesignerCon!


The three sculptural additions (vulture, cobra, beard) have been meticulously crafted with armature wire and sculpey clay, together symbolizing the feathered serpent found on the sarcophagus headpiece of King Tut. The serpent and bird are amongst the oldest idols of humanity, dating back millennia ago to Ancient Egyptian iconography of the Ouroboros "serpent worshippers" as well the Sumerian mythos of the Annunaki "those who descended from above." The half man/half bird symbolism has been identified as the creator God or Thoth & Horus, as they are known to the keepers of the khemetic gnosis. So to is the reptilian icon found prominent in ancient cultures, like the Nile crocodile deity Sobek. These symbols persist throughout our modern visual language and are still worshipped across nations like ours, hence America's bald eagle, not just a symbol of freedom, or the feathered serpent seen in Mexico's flag referencing Quetzalcoatl or Viracoccha, and most famous in China and the Orient as the feathered dragon.


There is a cross-cultural understanding amongst the initiated of the symbolic relationship of these ancient figures to our now. Dig deep into your distant past of all that was lost and forgotten; if not for the curious truth seeker in some of us this knowledge would remain buried. PEACE, MEAR


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