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I recently created a piece of art for Matt Landman, the activated, intellectual director of “Frankenskies” a fascinating, first-of-its kind documentary that peers deep into the multi-faceted world of geoengineering.
Frankenskies Final.jpg
Many of you who are familiar with my work know that I frequently embed skyscapes like these into my paintings for the express purpose of waking people up to the global cata-phenomenon that has been polluting our skies for decades now. Chemtrails are what they’re called and I first took notice of this strange, man-made weather anomaly during the summer of 1997 while watching what I presumed to be a commercial jet leaving white pollution stripes (otherwise known as contrails) across the sky. But these weren’t normal contrails; they hung suspended for a while, then started spreading into a large aerosol field eventually covering the entire Los Angeles basin. 20+ years later and here we are, living under a constant canopy of chemtrails, breathing in its toxic mix of aluminum, barium, and strontium, all the while bearing witness to extreme changes in our worldwide weather patterns and skies.
David & Goliath, 2010, 4x6' oil on canvas

However, Chemtrails are but one component of this nefarious, new world tech. Haven't you noticed how hazy our skies have been for years now? There are far fewer deep wilderness and clear, azure blue desert escapes left, just valleys and horizons full of dusty air. But what and/or who is causing this environmental transformation and why? Let’s examine the evidence.

To begin, did you know that there are hundreds of power plants called Rapid Evaporation Water Vapor Generators set up unawares, everywhere? Although initially built to cool down energy plants, the thousands of tons of water vapor they pump into the atmosphere is being reutilized to transform weaker storm systems passing overhead into more powerful systems of low pressure which is then amplified in strength by NEXRAD microwave emitter technology (more commonly known as weather Dopplers).
Other of these technologies have been patented and can be read about online such as the invention by Bernard Eastlund who in the mid-80s used stolen Tesla technology to establish HAARP in collusion with the US military, Raytheon, and Arco in Alaska. IMG_4813.JPG
These massive microwave generators bounce incredible amounts of energy off our upper atmosphere manipulating weather patterns worldwide. This is a similar use of energy that drives cellphone technology only millions of times more powerful (although the EMF effects from mobile phone transmitters on human cellular health and cognition are quite harmful in and of themselves; notwithstanding, the one world governmental rollout of the 5G network proceeds with speed).
Once you know the facts, the jigsaw puzzle becomes a whole lot easier to piece together:

  1. Chemtrails contribute significantly to a highly aluminum dense atmosphere, which in turn creates a substrate for new microwave technologies to operate through;
  2. These new-fangled, albeit monstrous weather modification tools, while approved by DARPA, the military, Raytheon, and other private interest groups, remain unregulated, untested by independent researchers, some of whom may have been forcibly blocked from reporting on their findings about various (un)intended consequences of said technologies acting like steroids upon our increasingly chaotic high and low pressure weather patterns;
  3. All this despite the increasing evidence showing up on satellite data exposing ramped up ionization and nucleation of our atmosphere via the use of a costly combination of technologies conceived by profit driven megalomaniacs.

In sum, this game they’re playing is far more dangerous than they could ever deign to consider. But the correlation is all too obvious to the wise.
There is no denying that the human race has entered into a new era of apocalyptic weather wars, be it a war between nations or civilization v. nature, an era where mega-flooding, massive wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, melting glaciers to freezing temperatures, systematically play out on the global stage. And yet, we remain conditioned to deny the greatest conspiracy of our time, man’s greed. Rather than conduct simple observations and critical research into the problem so many of us choose to blithely ignore its real world effects. “Why," one may scoff, "would those in power choose to cause harm to themselves and their families?" Well, did the truth about nuclear energy and its consequences on the future of humanity ever mitigate the choices made by those in industry and government, or were the profits too appealing? Those affected by Hurricane Harvey are feeling the realness of this new violent weather trend and we are currently looking at more to come on September 11, 2017. Our media does little to report on the dire flooding currently taking place abroad in places like China, India, and much of Southeast Asia, levels never seen before that are in turn ravaging global food production. We can see these mass food shortages reflected in the price of food in our own backyard, which have tripled over the course of several years. Greed operates at every level and no man, woman, nor child, regardless of race, creed or color, is immune to its disease. Let’s fix that.
Please do check out this film if you’re thirsty for some relevance & interested in understanding the real dangers of this technology and what can be done about it. View it as an instruction manual to interpreting things that are kept from your knowing in a world run by greedy charlatans. Help spread awareness about their nefarious activities. Become aware of where your financial support goes. This world cannot be owned and it is your human right to live in a clean and natural environment and rage back on this one world weather war upon us earth people. PEACE, MEAR

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