Forbidden Archaeology: A visual journey to "Planet X" by MEAR ONE

in art •  7 months ago

The history of our world is far more complicated than the standard historical model lets on. There seems to be a reason the historians have edited this evidence out of the equation and if we indiscriminately trust in the theories offered up by institutional scholarship without exercising a healthy degree of skepticism then we have accepted a metaphorical blindfold. The vast amount of archaeological proof blows a gaping hole in the so-called educated quackademics' theories about our ancient origins, which inculcate a sort of parasitical intelligence to prey off our ignorance. The politics we subscribe to keep us in a state of confusion, cognitive dissonance & historical amnesia about who we are, where we came from, benefitting the power elite who have no need for truth because slaves can only be led by lies. We belong to a golden age since time immemorial, one that possibly spans far deeper into the past than is widely accepted. To properly understand the past gives us the foresight to evolve towards greater knowledge of self and decision-making and a more uniting future. This idea benefits all for we are all Earth People and we cannot become enslaved when we are spiritually strong. This understanding is the basis of my past 30 years of research into the subject matter that I have pulled amazing inspiration from and helps me direct my consciousness for creating this art I call Metaphysical Surrealism.

"PLANET X" by MEAR ONE. New print dropping 12.12.17 exclusively at

Planet X.JPG

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I am interested in this topic...will follow you!

Very interesting questions, @mearone.