America is Dying to Kill You

in art •  last year

"America is Dying to Kill You" 12x12' Live Art, Painted at Coachella, 2010

Some would rather pollute, drug, and sedate you into a state of shallow knowing and ignorant bliss than have you observe the real grit of life. These same charlatans take from the earth whatever is desired, smash, burn, and blow shit up. When this mindset is met with resistance the dogs of war are unleashed - outliers and radical thinkers are spun into submission, cultural annihilation is imminent, humanity stubbed out like a cigarette butt in the ashtray. And yet mankind still deigns to consider itself anything but a highly advanced species! The greatest irony of all, however, is that we are not. In this ego-static & oppressive ideological way of life breeding simple-minded, self-obsessed, greedy minions bumbling around with their exaggerated levels of entitlement, everyone is expected to fall into line without question, and the majority do exactly that. They salute with total complacency as America waves her imperial symbol of corporate globalization, propping up false profits of patriotism, hiding behind our young and innocent left to inherit the world we fucked up. America, it's time to grow up and evolve, become responsible for what you created.

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