A Mother's Day Offering to Gaia ~ New Mural & Art Video, Kauai, HI

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A Mother's Day offering to Gaia, the great Mother Earth or "Mother of Mu" as my newest mural pays homage to. Her mythology lives on through the wisdom keepers of this ancient lineage and knowledge who work, as their ancestors did, in harmony with the earth. Her nurturing life-force, constant and metaphysical in nature, is what inspired me in this tribal vision for Kauai, the most beautiful place I have ever seen, so warm and embracing with her dense green jungles and electric jade and ultra marine waters. The environment we live in is reflective of who we are. We must take in the beauty of our planet and love Her for She is in danger of disappearing. Right now Dumb Dumb Trump has opened up our precious land reserves for oil prospects, right here in the Santa Monica mountains! As well, everywhere else! We can't allow this to happen. And we need to start right here in our communities. We need to become more aware. Don't throw your cigarette butts on the ground, or send the cheeseburger wrapping blowing down the streets. We need less advertising, less billboards and bullshit corporate murals in our face; rather more free and open space with nature designing its spatial future for a cleaner, healthier life for us all. Massive love and thanks to my friends Erik & Margaret with their wonderful lil girl Zoe at Hoku Foods Natural Market in Kaapa, Kauai ~ they're doing it right!!! And Happy Mothers Day Earth People! I love you Vicki (mom) Andromeda you guide my every move, this one's for you!

Title: Mother of Mu
Year: 2017
Location, Kauai, HI
Music By: Thavius Beck (https://soundcloud.com/thaviusbeck)
Edited by: Birdman (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClvIjWrlYiaQAzm2XS6csSQ) you completed my mission.

Mother of Mu stitched.jpg

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When I first saw the picture I didn't realise how big it really was lol It's amazing!

Absolutely fantastic work @mearone! Thank you so much for sharing it with us :)

Aloha! I want to offer sincerest mahalo for your art, and for sharing this story. I smile every time I go to shop at Hoku. I feel blessed by her presence. What a gorgeous homage to being an Earth warrior. Malama honua! Mahalo nui! - Alli