40 Days Journey Every Human Being Should Take

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"40 Days” was painted back in 1994 for my first body of work I called Politics & Armageddon. It was/is about discovering oneself, a fascination in finding and interpreting truth about politics, religion, and the perennial quest for spiritual enlightenment through philosophical inquiry. Truth is stranger than fiction, and the greatest revelation is that we have been lied to on a grand scale. We have been taught falsehoods to oppress us and keep us complacent all the while mad men navigate humanity into oblivion. Jesus, Mythra, Osiris, Krishna, Buddha, Viracocha, all are examples of an individual who chose fact over fiction, personal observation and experience over rules and regulations. This historical notion that a human holds a connection to a higher order in the universe still captivates me in my own pursuits toward an evolved state of being; such mythology has become the archetype of human achievement in greatness.

40 Days.jpg

To the ancients this character represented the inner knowing (or gnosis) of self and god. This 40 day cycle mantra is a journey that every human being should take, into the void of self-searching & fasting for meaning through all the fakery and deception. Knowledge of self is the byproduct of this conditioning, preparing one to evolve beyond society’s restraints to enter into the new paradigm. This is the journey of 40 days and everyone will be given the chance to escape if they remain open. The pursuit of knowledge will take the form of personal starvation to find true salvation, a knowing sacrifice to allow oneself the gift of pure being as taught by the rishis and sages. Go into the wild and find your true self, release all accumulations that have defined your ego and find out who you really are with perspective to who you were.

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Thank you for this beautiful post and artwork.
I will be going on a month-long trip to the Far East, mostly in China, but also Taiwan and Japan (where my family lives). Interestingly, the censorship of social media (and the much of the internet) in China will allow me to take a much-needed break from Social Media and the constant chaos present online. With all that said, I wish everyone peace of mind and balance. Cheers.