Beautiful memories are lost jewels.

in #art5 years ago (edited)

Memories first adorn loneliness, then despair. Vasile Ghica

And the rash can become a memory. Vasile Ghica

Collect as many memories as possible for the insomnia of old age. Vasile Ghica

Kiss memories as children, only through sleep. Vasile Ghica

Every memory has a bell of bell. Vasile Ghica

Remembrance: flavored shell of the most banal happenings. Vasile Ghica

The speech of a great sportsman reminds of Baudelaire's albatross. Valeriu Butulescu

Some poets remember the dogs they took for a walk, any way you choose, they go forward. Valeriu Butulescu


Not the death of our loved ones crushes us, but their memory. Valeriu Butulescu

A piece of marble can extend your memory for a century. Valeriu Butulescu

I'll try to forget, just remember me. Valeriu Butulescu

Beautiful memories are lost jewels. Paul Valery


I really like paper quillet. I hope you can make itu, don't plagiarisme

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