Little African Angel

in art •  9 months ago


Today's office art is a combinatiοn of my usual pens and markers with pencils.

The subject was inspired by a little girl I saw observing people from the safety of her mother's arms, during an African festival a few years ago.

I hope you like it!

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Hey, @mariandavp your this art is amazing..i like you art..
Post #resteemed

beautiful art @mariadavp

Nicely done my friend. I see expression in the eyes and attention to detail in the hair. You have a gift that is beautiful. Blessings @mariandavp

Wonderful art work...!!!!!!!!!
Specially sketching is perfect...This photo represent african situaltion..@mariandavp

ποπο.. τι ωραίο που είνα!! και τι συναίσθημα βγάζει! καλό απόγευμα

inspiration is very good, you put a good idea into this painting

high level inspiration and great art style, success for @mariandavp me is very fond of your post

Yes.. I like it. Very beautiful art. Seeing your painting I remember my son, when he was a baby he always lay on my shoulder and noticed something moving in front of his eyes.

Those eyes, oh those eyes, you do beautiful work @mariandavp!

Lovely sketch