I Live In You | Mother's Day- Dedicated Drawing

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Mom, You are not here anymore but you live inside me. Just like you said you would before you left, that day.. In this day, and every single day that passes, you are missed. The Void can never be filled, Happy Mother's day, This is for you. Death won't keep us apart. I love you

I Will Live Inside You.jpg

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Beautiful art. Strong words.

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Thank you kindly

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Hi @manthos,
Touching post and skilled artwork. Is it digital work? Looks like you have done it with brush and ink.
I have looked a bit on your posts and work. It is kind of traditional but on the other hand, it has a modern look. Actually, I am looking for an artist who could illustrate a romantic German fairytale. The main character is kind of nymph, The Beautiful Laŭ from the story by Eduard Mörike (1853). It is for a shortened and free retold Esperanto version. Still, I haven't found a publisher; it's more a general inquiry. Sound that interesting for you? Perhaps 5 or 6 drawings and a coloured title picture.


Hi there! I am sorry for late reply, I have been so busy that I missed on certain posts! Thank you kindly for your interest and comment. This is digital work using digital pencil brush emulation. I tried to emulate a similar feeling to my traditional sketches in my other posts. I am not familiar with the story but you may contact me via email as Im available for hiring depending the timeframes and my current client schedule at the given times. [email protected] is my email in any case! Thank you again!