Mew - Another Pokemon Sketch

in art •  last month  (edited)

Hey Steemians!

A few days back, I made a sketch of a cute little pikachu. I was really happy how it turned out and I am really glad you all liked it as well. What made me even more happy was that @acidyo also liked my post. Thank you so much! That was really motivating.

So, for today’s post I thought to make another sketch of a pokemon. This one I had never seen before :-p. It’s called Mew and I must say, this one looks a bit dangerous to me. Maybe I’ll know more when I watch it in the Pokemon series.

It has been a really long time since I have watched an episode of Pokémon and drawing these different kinds of Pokémon is making me want to revisit those childhood memories and watch all those episodes again! I guess I will in the near future.

Also, since I am loving drawing these, I will try to make more. It would be great if you guys could suggest what Pokemon you would like to see me make next. Keep supporting as always. Thank you 😊





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very nice and great drawing


Thank you:)

This great, thanks for making me travel to my childhood, pokemon became one of my favorite series when I was a child. I hope your art continues to grow.


Wow, It's my pleasure to know that my art made you recall your childhood days. Great to hear :)
Thank you :)




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this is cute !