Cute Little Penguin

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Hey guys!

I am a big animal lover and I think you must know that already if you have been following my blog for even a short amount of time. I absolutely adore them and think that they have a certain innocence to them and can teach us humans a lot of things, if we take notice.

I have made a lot of sketches of different animals and birds and I really have great fun doing so. Today too I was in the mood of sketching a cute little animal and when I was looking around on the internet and came across an artwork of a baby penguin, I thought what could get cuter than a baby penguin!

So, I sat down and sketched the following art. Even though we get to see other animals in wildlife parks and sanctuaries and zoos, we don't get to see penguins and I would love to see one in person. Aren't they so adorable?

Well, anyways, I loved the way this came out to be and I hope that you guys like it too. Keep supporting like you always do and I'll see you in my next post. Thank you :)





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Thank you:)



Too tender, beautiful and simple, such lime is your art. I congratulate you again <3


Thank you so much :)

This penguin is soooo cute! Gave me a big smile when I saw it :D :))


Aww. I am glad you liked it. Thank you :)

very nice drawing art @steemeow


Thank you:)

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