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first painting-01.png

Let's go ahead and start this one off letting you guys know, this is the very first time I've ever painted a miniature.

Also, to let you folks know, I will be painting different colour schemes, which after I do that, I will present to you guys, and we can vote on the general colour scheme of the chapter.

I want to show you guys the results of almost 6 hours of work. I also want to share with you guys pretty much the things that I learned. As it's been a very much a learning process.

I want to talk about what went well, and what could have been done better.

But first, let's go over some of the things that I learned while painting this miniature.

1. Metallics do not blend well

So this is something that I learned the hard way. Mixing Gun Metal or Lead belcher with matt white/ceramite white does not mean you will get a lighter shade of the metallic. You're more likely to get a matt black. I learned this whilst trying to high light parts of the armour.

2. Watch your cleaning materials!

So, something I noticed is that my model was getting "Gunked up" with small fibres of something. When I tried to understand what was happening, I finally realized that it because the wet wipe I was using to help clean my brushes were actually shedding small fibres without me even noticing. The result is a model that seems to have caked hair painted into it. :/

3. A clean model goes a Long way

As I expected, there are some mold lines that escaped my refinement, and upon closer look, they are in fact showing like sore thumbs.

4. Don't go too crazy with Washes!

God, it was so tempting, to just wash the whole model. And I did, I applied wash with a big brush and while it did help bring out details, it also ruined the initial paintjob. I had to spend a long time going over everything to get a smooth surface.


Sometimes it cant be helped. While, I did thin down my paint (I'm using a wet pallete) I used too much wash. The result is a very poorly defined face that kinda looks off, and really dirty.

6. When dry brushing, make sure your brush is well... dry

Yeah, so I didn't have a dry napkin or paper towel. I think I really need to get some. So when it came to dry brushing the model, My brush wasn't really dry at all. Even with a little tiny amount of paint, that amount of dampness did not highlight parts I wanted to highlight. I realized that after I tried drying the brush off properly, and was able to do fantastic highlighting on the gun.

So the result is a somewhat mediocre paint job. However me painting this model has really helped me understand how the brushing and techniques come together, I know 6 new things at least from this painting session.

Well, I hope you guys learned just as much as I did. If you like this kind of content, stay tuned, its only going to get better.

Want to become apart of this?

This is where the magic will be happening. Votes, news, content updates, exclusives will all be available at this discord server.

Everyone is welcome to join!

This is very much a work in progress, but I have a very general idea of what it will all look like. Everyday I'm hard at work laying the foundation of what could possibly be one of the coolest things that steemit has ever seen.

Share your thoughts

Dialogue is completely open, share your opinions, what you think should happen, what I could do, anything. I will reply to your comments. The is one thing that I'm really looking for feedback.

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Nice post.
I would like to ask for suggestions and suggestions how to keep my steemit account as advanced as you.


It's not a nice post but your comment is spma. In this post he said how he has been doing this painting. If you want to know about steemit please search google. Google is our best friends.Google help every people.


Thank you for the advice

excellent art.

This is cool bro, so you mean this bit of painting you did took you 6 hours? That's a whole lot of time right there and dedication... One might even think of this as some form of therapy... The colors are bringing life to the model I can see, and it's a pity you had to learn some things the hard way... Since it's a learning process, am sure you will get better at it in due time @dee-y over and out.

your photo really great

It takes a lot of patience and dexterity to achieve such a beautiful and detailed toy, in imagination, I like it