Progress Update: Major Improvement of Painting skills

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Now a month ago, I had absolutely no experience in painting or assembling these models.

The only experience I had that really had anything to do with anything, was painting on my ipad.

On my offtime, I have been studying and absorbing as much knowledge as I could.

I wanted to share a bit with you guys, recent models that I have been painting

These guys are called POXWALKERS. They are zombies that are infected with an extremely contagious virus that turns humans into undead zombies.

Whenever there are poxwalkers, there are Death Guard.

Death Guard are a Space Marine Legion that has fallen to Chaos. In Warhammer40k, The forces of chaos are from extremely evil and highly malicious Gods. In this specific case, Death Guard worship Nurgle, the Chaos God of Plague and decay.

When I first looked around for material on how to paint these figures, one thing that frequently came up is how enjoyable these poxwalkers are to paint. I can definitely confirm that this is true. Painting these were extremely fun.

The end result are extremely grotesque Zombie like monsters that chill you to the bone. But they are very small!

One of my favorite effects to do is the open wounds, and working with simulating blood. That was a custom blend of paints and mediums to achieve.

The effect is a very bloody and fetid look. Very cool effect for these miniatures.

Some of the techniques that I used was air brushing. Laying down a light grey primer called Wolf Grey. And then spraying the flesh areas with a mix of elven flesh and skeleton bone paint.

I am working on new color blends with the airbrush to achieve lifelike transitions.

After laying down the base colors, I went to washing with Citadel's Riekland fleshshade. Which is a very flesh colored wash. With it, I was able to tone some of the skin but get those extremely fine details to really pop.

After that, I use military shader wash to help tone the areas of the flesh that have blisters. The effect is a gross pus effect.

Then I use a pale yellow to dry brush and highlight the blisters. The effect of that are pus filled blisters that look like they're ready to burst.

Very pleased on how these came, and they're going to make extremely cinematic and a fantastic showcase of what I'm capable of doing with my setup.

I'll be posting a video going in depth into the painting process. Stick around for that one.

That's it for this post, thanks for swinging by!

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good result! As for painting blood I kinda like the color "clear red" from tamiya. And from games workshop there is color named "blood for the bloodgod" but I never used this one. (Not that your blood effect isn't good). Here you can see some example where I used clear red on a dead space marine: image


I've heard of blood for the blood god. It does seem to hold the luminosity of the red, and looks excellent for simulating blood. I'd probably would have mixed that with a yellow to simulate blood that has pus in it. Which is the effect I was looking for here. If you ever had an infected wound, the blood is more darker, more yellowish, that's what I think these death guard would bleed if they had a wound.


Yeah Blood for the Blood God is quite bright, like fresh blood. I would use a clear gloss green or purple. 'Ardcoat over Nurgling Green might be good for opaque pus.


Clear Red is also more like fresh blood. For older blood I try to mix it with clear green (another tamiya color) to achieve a slightly brownish color. Both colors stay glossy/shiny.

well death guard is just all rotten, guess every wound will be extremly infected :) Pus everywhere! A little bit of purple like @evdoggformayor suggested fits in there . Nurgling Green sounds interessting, but I'd still use some yellow tone along the way as you said. At the end of the day it depends on the color one ownes. Still have the old Camo Green (equivalent to the current Elysian Green if you believe the conversion charts) laying around, guess this kind of color could be used, too.

wow....amazing art.thanks for sharing.

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That is amazing display of art, with complete description.

The painting looks awesome! Great work!!!