Black Angel of Abundance Relieving Famine - Original Collaborative Painting

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Painting 3 of 4 in The Four Angels of the Apocalypse series

Black Angel web signed.jpg
Painted by Aloria Weaver & David Heskin in Barcelona, 2012
20x55" Oil on Canvas

The idea that there are limited resources, or finite supplies of energy (whether on Earth or beyond) is due to a lack of true understanding. The Universe is 99% plasma. It is electrical in nature and is made up of an infinitely available energy. This energy is the source and substance of all matter. Once humanity learns how to stop burning fossil fuels, competing for resources and how to source free energy from the Electric Universe, it is possible that there may be no more famine, no lack.

The Angel of Abundance hovers over a parched and cracked desert landscape, offering the infinite source of sustaining energy to reawaken the true awareness of the life force. In her hands, upper atmospheric sprites flash, translating cosmic energy to Earth. Helical circuits and bead lightning constitute the birthplace of stars in the cosmos.

The Angel’s crown is a crop circle, symbolizing the cosmic infinitude of life. The world-wide crop circle phenomenon presents information in the form of mathematical codes and geometrical patterns, while also infusing this information into food source crops, sharing galactic intelligence with humanity on a sub-cellular level.

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Stunning! I love reading your artists statements. I hope we can all bring into our conscientious the true source of sustaining energy. I am just so bloody sick of the draining greed we these days.

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