Solar system modeled + elaboration process

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Hi to the whole Steemit community! Once again I share with you my love of craftsmanship, this time I have made the modeled Solar System, dedicated to the fans of outer space, is easy to do and although the process is long it is extremely fun..

You will need a couple of tools for the elaboration, here I share the menu of materials:


Gathered all the materials, we can begin with the elaboration, first of all we make 4 combinations of colors that will help us a lot to paint the planets and give them different tonality.

The first color to elaborate is a naval blue, this tone is obtained with the combination of blue, purple and yellow:

BluePurpleYellowBlue naval

The second color is reddish brown, and this is obtained from the combination of purple and yellow:

PurpleYellowReddish brown

The third colour to combine is grey and yellow, obtaining a yellowish beige tone:

GreyYellowYellowish beige

And the fourth color is light blue, this is obtained by combining blue and gray:

BlueGreyLight blue

Now all the colours are ready, we can collect all the paints, anime balls, brushes, pen, flexible ruler and newsprint so as not to stain the surface with paint.

1 The Sun

Let's start painting the Sun, take the biggest anime ball that is #7, and start painting it yellow, repeat the procedure until it is well covered, let it dry for a few minutes, then take the reddish brown color and spread some paint with the brush just leaving a few traces, to give the appearance of fire inside.


2 Mercury

We continue painting and this time, it is the turn of the planet Mercury which is the #4 anime ball, its base is going to be yellow, and once it dries we can add the reddish brown color on the whole surface.


3 Venus

Venus also has the anime ball #4, and we are going to paint it with the purple color, we repeat the procedure until it covers the whole surface and once it is dry, we take the gray color and spread only a few small traces in some parts of this small planet.


4 The earth

Dear Earth! For this planet we will take the #5 ball, and we will begin to paint the base dark blue, we repeat until the color of the anime sphere is not noticed, we apply with the help of the brush the green color only for some parts, we wait a few minutes to dry, and then we spread a little gray over the green and some parts of the blue color.

24.JPGla tierra.JPG

5 Mars

For this planet the anime sphere #4 corresponds, the base of Mars will be purple and we go over several times of the same color to eliminate the white of the anime ball, once it dries completely, we spread enough reddish brown color on top of the purple. .


6 Jupiter

To Jupiter it touches a sphere #6, this is a planet that differs from the rest by its distinguished beige and brown stripes, so to do it we will need the flexible ruler and a pen this will help us to obtain the divisions (if we do not have the flexible ruler can do it to pulse), once we obtain the separations we begin to paint them some of beige yellowish color and others of brown color. We review each stripe until we get pure shades.


7 Saturn

On this planet we also do it in a #6 sphere. Saturn is characterized by having several colors and a ring. Let's start by painting it, like Jupiter, we take the flexible ruler and the pen and we lean to draw the different stripes, these must be smaller than the previous ones, since we will place 3 different colors that are yellow, gray, and yellowish beige, we paint a color in each strip, we go over until we get highlighted colors.

Now we go with the ring, we take the cardboard square and with Saturn's help we take the measurements, then with the compass we make a circle around the notes made, and using the same center we open the compass more and draw a bigger circle, we cut the figure with scissors, we paint and we already have Saturn's ring.


8 Uranus

We made this planet with an anime sphere #4, we painted the base in naval blue, we went over it several times and when it is dry we spread it with the brush a little gray color.


9 Neptune

We will make this planet with a #5 ball, its only color will be light blue, we simply paint the whole sphere and repeat the procedure until we completely cover the white color of the main base.


10 Pluto

Pluto is the smallest planet in the Solar System (although because of its size it is not considered a planet) to do so we will take the #1 anime ball, and paint the tiny surface only gray.


After we have painted all the planets, we take the base where we are going to place them and begin to paint it with dark blue, after it is completely painted, we begin to spread several colors (purple, light blue, naval blue and gray) only for some spaces. .

Later with the help of a lid (or other circular object) that occupies the whole base we begin to draw with chalk the 9 orbits of the planets. Then we take the figurines of stars and place them in the middle of the fifth orbit.

Instantly we take the paper and the pen, write on the white sheet each name of the planets, and glue them on the colored cardboard, cutting them into rectangles. Once we finish the process, we can begin to stick our planets in the proper order and place their identification.


Oh, we already have our solar system! What do you think of that? Personally (and not for nothing) I think it's really nice.

I very much hope you liked it and it was very useful, don't forget to leave your comments and give resteem.



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i like your job @luisangela
working on this work phase by stage must be at least 3-5 hours.
greetings from Indonesia.