COLOR THERAPY ( acrylic paint )

in art •  3 months ago

This is something that l am doing to train my eye and
learn more about the affects of color combinations
with acrylic paints. Mostly in the past it has been color
pencil that l worked with. To keep things new and continue
to learn it is very necessary for me to do this. To become the
student instead of the teacher.





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Great ,, work @luckyfellow. Excellent painting idea


Thank you chhidroo.

Your art is great. Which has many colors.


Thank you ahlawat.

Such a good practice. Keep it up. I love colour so trying out combinations is always important to our eye, I think.


Thank you donnadavisart.

Loving this colourful therapy refreshes me up :D


Thank you blazing.

Beautiful paintings. Super work


Thank you waanbhachran.

Colorful art....


Thank mharjit.

Good practice in start work.


Thank you zerozero33.

Amazing pppp


Thank you

Amazing color painting


Thank you shahbazhel.

Very nice post


Thank you dhhayr.


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