How to Visualize the Human Head

in art •  last year


I thought I would make another video. Two days in a row! WHAT?! Anyways, this video is really more of a tutorial on how I visualize the human head. Hopefully this tutorial explains more clearly how to quickly iterate heads when drawing.

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post of the day.helpful post

It's a bit long, but really easy to understand and very informative. Thanks for doing this :)

Great tutorial @loganarchy! I love to draw but when it comes to human head, it's really hard for me. At least now I have an idea how to make it easier.

This is a new perspective. I liky liky.

very helpful tutorial, the head is such a hard thing to do in all different poses, so yeah! thank you and upvoted and followed!

Very detailed and informative post. I'm learning a great deal of drawing technique here. This will make drawing the head that much easier. Thanks and a good day to you.

♥♥♥super post dear thanks for shering Visualize human head information♥♥♥

Informative post.

This is a really strong tutorial!
Equal parts science and art. Really like how you are "measuring" the proportions and how you laid it all out with the guidelines. Brains for days mate.

Good post! I really loved it, you make my life easier with this!